Insurance attached to loans

Since client safety is our concern, we have launched an insurance service that allows you concluding contracts of insurance related to banking products, as well as other insurance contracts directly in any branch of the bank.


What advantages does it offer?

  • Safety – protection of you and your family against unforeseen circumstances

  • Comfort – the contract of insurance will be concluded directly in the bank, so you will not have to go to the insurance company, thereby saving time and effort

  • Innovative service in Moldova – services of accident insurance related to banking products are offered only by Mobiasbanca.


What solutions does it offer?


This insurance is purposely designed to protect yourself and your family against unforeseen circumstances. Such insurance attached to a consumer loan will spare you from paying the consumer loan installments in the event of accidents, covering:

COMPULSORY insurance risks:

OPTIONAL insurance risks 
(one or several):

  • lifetime disability after an accident
  • accidental death


  • traumas
  • fractures
  • expenses in case of accident
  • hospitalization expenses

You can find out more details on loan offer with included insurance here.

Bank clients, the owners of other types of loans, deposits as well as other banking products or services can also benefit from accident insurance.



When contracting a mortgage loan, the pledged real estate needs to be insured. We think that it is a good idea to conclude the contracts of property insurance directly in the bank, thereby saving your time and effort.

The risks covered by property insurance are:

  • Fire risks: fire, lightning, explosion, falling aircraft
  • Natural disaster risks: storm, snow pressure, rockfalls/rockslides, landslides, hail
  • Natural disasters: earthquakes and floods
  • Water from pipeline
  • Running-down accidents
  • Accidental fall of objects



The motor vehicle requires a special insurance. Therefore, for your convenience, CASCO insurance is included in the range of products, offered within Mobias Asigurari service, covering:

  • damage to vehicles caused by: road traffic accidents, fire risks, natural disaster risks and explosion risks
  • theft of vehicles or their component parts
  • illegal actions of third parties
  • expenses stipulated by the contract of insurance



In accordance with the law, all owners of motor vehicles are subject to insurance. We propose to conclude such contracts of insurance within Mobias Asigurari service, covering:

  • the damage, for which the Insured is responsible under the law before third parties, injured in a motor vehicle accident
  • expenses related to the insured event and incurred by the Insured or injured person in civil lawsuit


To learn more about the insurance products, offered within Mobias Asigurari service, please contact your personal adviser or call to Call Center at the phone number 022 256 456.