Mortgage Center Mobiasbanca

The place where you can find the best-fit solution to your financing needs and get help in choosing a place you could call home. Our experienced team of professionals offer all the support you need to find and purchase the home of your dreams.


How can we be of service to you?

  • Mortgage loans – purchase, development and repairing projects
  • Fast refinancing of your mortgage at lower rates
  • You can pay at any Mobiasbanca agency that suits you best
  • You just pick the property you like from our partners' offers


What are the advantages and solutions available?

  • counseling on choice of apartment and administrative and legal advice
  • auxiliary services: property assessment, notary and insurance services
  • a discrete and comfortable venue for presentations and negotiations
  • offers from construction companies and real estate agents
  • all at the same place: counseling, support and financing

Security and trust

  • quality management system certificate in mortgage loans ISO 9001:2015
  • strategic partners of good standing and reputation

Correct counseling

  • personalized service
  • professional counselors with vast experience in this field
  • partnerships with real estate community
  • a good knowledge and understanding of the local market

Fast decision-taking process

  • you get your mortgage approved within 5 days
  • help in collection of necessary documents and mediation with the authorities

The best interest rate

  • attractive interest rates
  • special offers for partners


How does it work?

Come to our Mortgage Center Mobiasbanca, tell us who you are and what you want and leave the rest to our mortgage couselor. After the crediting decision is approved, all you have to do is choose the agency to collect the mortgage and... you can Open the door to your home!  



Address: Chisinau, 13/1, Miron Costin st.
Working hours: 

Monday - Friday       10:00-19:00

Saturday                       09:00-18:00

Break                              13:00-14:00

Tel: 022 81 22 16, 022 81 22 17 or 022 81 22 11