Loans from international resources

In order to support sustainable businesses development of the clients, Mobiasbanca signed a number of Cooperation Agreements with International Financial Institutions, becoming a Participant Bank to various financing projects based on international funds. Therefore, now you can get loans from international resources with more advantages than the usual ones.

The main goal of international funds is to support the private sector within the development process, by providing it with sustainable competitive funding, in the form of loans, for the implementation of financing projects, ensuring effective solutions for business, with positive effects both for the company and the entire national economy.

The funding programs based on international funds represent the perfect solution for your business and offers you:

  • A complex range of funding possibilities via credit lines to which the bank participates;
  • Competitive prices, through more advantageous credits compared to the standard level practiced by the bank;
  • Counselling that would help you identify the funding program and the financial availabilities according to each project, depending on the program operating requirements;
  • Support, interfering in all preparing, enforcement and completion steps of the project;
  • Counselling regarding the project implementation by involving of the International Funds Experts (ex. MoSEFF Office, MoREEFF Office, Consolidated Programmes Implementation Unit IFAD, Wine Sector etc.);
  • Counselling offered in order to obtain facilities based on international funding projects (Financial grant, exemption of VAT, exemption of customs duties etc.).

Your Advantages:

  • Competitive credits on long term;
  • Grant, fiscal facilities, exemption of VAT and customs duties;
  • Technical assistance, free counselling offered by international experts;
  • Application to a large number of international funding projects;
  • Performing of graphics on reimbursement of the loans, taking into account the seasonal character of the business;
  • The grace period adjusted to the specificity of investment;
  • Obtaining a reliable partner via Mobiasbanca, during development of each step of your business.

The international financial lines are oriented towards the development of various economic sectors of the country, by granting credits for different purposes

Financial Institution Funding Program Credit Goal



European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

(Payment of Investment Incentives (grant)
To support the MSME from R. Moldova to invest and improve the products quality and services modernization
EBRD 2020 To finance the investments, the working capital and projects in the service sector etc., of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises



European Investment Bank

SME and MidCap line

(Completed program)

To finance the investments and working capital of the SME and Corporate 

Wine Sector
Integrated project in Livada Moldova, EIB

To finance the investments of the wine sector and related sectors (bottling, packing etc)

Fruit Garden
Program for creation of favourable conditions for development of whole value chain of horticultural sector of Republic of Moldova

To finance the investments of processing and of horticultural products and related sectors (packaging, sorting, calibration etc)



World Bank

Competitiveness Enhancement Project

To finance the investments and the eligible working capital of all the national economy sectors oriented for export

Grant subcomponent

Supporting economic agents for improving their services and products qualityand launching of new ones



International Fund for Agricultural Development

IFAD VI direct
Inclusive Rural Economic & Climate Resilience Programme

Programs aimed at financing the investments and the eligible working capital related to the Agricultural sector. 

IFAD VII direct

Rural Resilience Project

Financing programmes for investment and eligible circulating capital related to the investment in the agricultural sector, excluding Chisinau and Balti



Credit Line Directorate

IFAD III-VI, refinancing funds
Financial service of business in agro-industrial sector program

To finance the investments and the eligible working capital from the agro-industrial sector, except for the Chisinau and Balti cities

RISP, refinancing funds (Completed program)
Investment and Rural Services Project

To finance the investments and the eligible working capital

DLC offer for TA
Program to promote credit facilities for Young Entrepreneurs from O.F.I. for the development / initiation of the business

To finance the investments of Young Entrepreneurs

PAC, refinancing funds (Completed program)
Competitiveness Enhancement Project

To finance the investments and the eligible working capital in all national economy sectors oriented for export

KfW, refinancing funds (Completed program)

To finance the investments and the eligible working capital in all national economy sectors, especially in agricultural sector

Wine Sector, refinancing funds

To finance the investments and the eligible working capital in all national economy sectors

Polish Loan (Completed program)

To finance the investments in agricultural sector


European Investment Fund

Guarantee facility in the frames of Horizon 2020 program „Financial Instruments”

Additional guarantees in case of collateral insufficiency
Organisation for small and medium enterprises sector development
Additional guarantees offered to entrepreneurs who opt for a loan from Mobiasbanca - OTP Group
Business loans, with the application of preferential guarantee conditions for SMEs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis


For more details, please contact your personal adviser within Mobiasbanca or contact Call Center at 022 256 456 (standard tariff, available 24/7).