Money transfers from European Union countries with 0% commission

01 Jun 2020

Mobiasbanca and Золотая Корона have good news for you.

As of June 1st using Золотая Корона money transfer system, you can receive money transfers from European Union countries both in cash, at the bank's branches or on your bank card, without habing to go to the bank.

Moreover, people who are sending money from European Union countries to CIS member countries will be able to do it for FREE!


Because, since May 2020, Золотая Корона (KoronaPay trademark), the market leader in money transfers from the Russian Federation and the CIS, has opened a new line of online transfers from EU countries to the CIS countries and the Russian Federation.

Transfer commision is 0%

At the same time, through the mobile application KoronaPay (ver. 6+) you will be able to make money transfers from a card issued by any bank in the European Union.

How can you make a money transfer?

  • Install the KoronaPay app, available on the App Store or Google Play, on a smartphone with a phone number registered in the European Union,

  • Choose the country of the beneficiary,

  • Enter the transfer amount, full name of the beneficiary and the sender, as well as the details of the card on which this transfer will be made.

After confirmation of payment, the application will display a unique transfer number, which must be communicated to the payee.

Through the KoronaPay app, you can also send money to your loved ones on VISA, Mastercard and Maestro debit or credit cards issued by European banks. KoronaPay will not charge any fees for transfers from Europe to the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

For example, for EUR 100 transferred from the European Union, exactly EUR 100 will be withdrawn from the sender's card and the beneficiary will receive exactly the same amount.

The transfer can be received in cash, at the Mobiasbanca - OTP Group branches or transferred to a bank card.