Mobiasbanca is a five-star bank in terms of transparency of the shareholders

04 May 2017

The new edition of the Bank Shareholders’ Transparency Rating in Moldova, conducted by “Expert-Grup” Analytical Centre, reconfirmed the high degree of Mobiasbanca transparency – the bank was assigned a high rating. Thus, the study shows that “there are a large volume of public information about the great majority of shareholders, confirming their quality and value for the bank”.

The independent experts’ classification confirms that the strategy and policy of Mobiasbanca activity are correct, and the applied principles meet the standards of transparency, promoted at the level of Société Générale Group.

Mobiasbanca management assures its clients and the public that it will continue working according to the highest standards to bring added value to banking products, provide high-quality servicing and always be a reliable bank for all its clients!