Mobiasbanca – partner of the Francophone teachers community

19 Dec 2016

Review of the main activities undertaken during the year to promote the Francophonie, the French language and culture – there is one of the objectives of the recent meeting of the Francophone teachers community at the Lyceum „Gheorghe Asachi” from Chisinau, under the auspices of French Language Teachers Association in Moldova.

About 120 teachers from different universities and schools of the country worked in training workshops and spoke about the best practices and achievements in the teaching/ promoting French language and culture.

„Mobiasbanca’s presence and support of this event is not random. The belonging to an international financial group with French origins „obliges” us - in the best way - to support the promotion of culture and the French language in Moldova.

A large number of graduates of Lyceum „Gh. Asachi” are today Mobiasbanca’s employees and know  at an advanced level French. This is your merit, dear teachers”, said Viorica Tudos, Head of Communication and Quality Department of Mobiasbanca at the awards ceremony.

In 2016 Moldova marks two decades since joining the International Organization of the Francophonie. From 2007, Mobiasbanca is part of the French groupe Société Générale.

Mobiasbanca support a range of projects in Moldova to facilitate communication, encourage the Moldovan-French partnerships, strengthen feelings of belonging to the European space dominated by the values of democracy, tolerance, diversity and solidarity.

According to a report from 2014, Moldova is the most French speaking country in Central and Eastern Europe