Advantageous leasing, tax and customs exemptions only at Mobiasbanca

08 Sep 2017

If you own an agricultural business in the field of fruit growing and you want to develop its infrastructure with state-of-the-art technologies, we are your reliable partner.

Currently, Mobiasbanca is the sole partner of the Livada Moldovei program for leasing operations aimed at business owners, the optimal solution to finance purchasing of assets on the most favorable terms.

Through this program, you can extend the areas planted with new fruit bearing trees, purchase modern harvesting equipment, storage, cooling or packaging machinery.

At any Mobiasbanca branch, with no additional collateral, small and medium-sized enterprises (with up to 3000 employees), as well as state-owned enterprises, representatives of local and central authorities or any other organizations involved in the country’s horticulture field, can benefit from:

  • funding from 5000 EUR up to 5 million EUR (for lease purposes)
  • preferential interest rates (only in EUR from European Investment Bank funds)
  • financing period – from 2 to 5 years
  • tax and customs exemptions for financing granted for assets purchased in line with Program purposes (commercial and special vehicles, tractors and combine harvesters, mobile and cooling equipment, fruit trees processing machinery etc.)

“Mobiasbanca has extensive experience in working with European suppliers of special equipment and offers to its clients its expertise to purchase, through leasing, any goods for business development under the most favorable conditions. The horticulture sector has a huge potential, this is why we are creating all the necessary conditions for our clients to capitalize on these opportunities”, Elena Guzun, Commercial Director Corporate Banking stated. 

We invite you to the nearest Mobiasbanca branch to take a lease on best terms, with tax and customs exemptions as well as to get other benefits that the Livada Moldovei Program has to offer.

The Livada Moldovei Program has been developed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and European Investment Bank to facilitate and create favorable conditions for value chain restructuring of the horticulture sector of the Republic of Moldova.