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Shopping through one movement with Mobiasbanca VISA Cards

Mobiasbanca launches the new range of VISA cards with the modern features and many commercial advantages:

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Dear customers,

CB "Mobiasbanca - Groupe Societe Generale" S.A. announce that on August 29 and 30, 2016 the bank’s subdivisions will work in usual regime.

Also, the working program on August 26 and August 30, preceding national holidays, will be reduced by one hour.

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What is an electronic statement?

This is the statement of current or card account with the use of the bank’s digital signature that is transmitted automatically to the client by email.

What advantages does it offer?

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The program “Livada Moldovei” ("Fruit Garden of Moldova") is designated for companies operating in the field of horticulture (namely: producers of  fruits, berries, nuts, grapes) and offers the possibility  to access loans for mechanization of manufacturing primary processes, modernization of manufacturing processes and processing systems, hail protection system and irrigation etc.

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Mobiasbanca has expressed its support for the initiative “Make Apples Cool”, launched in May 2016 by UNDP Moldova.

Mobiasbanca has expressed its support for the initiative “Make Apples Cool”, launched in May 2016 by UNDP Moldova.

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We congratulate the winners of the campaign “It is priceless to transform the shopping into a dream trip to Europe”, holders of MasterCards from Mobiasbanca, who have received their prizes, a travel bag from MasterCard: Iuliana Covaliu, Galina Derun, Lara Cubasova and Olga Cojocaru.

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Dear client,

On Thursday,  the 28th of July 2016, starting with 8:30 PM (local time), service will be unavailable for proper use, due to performance of maintenance works.

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Dear customers,

Along with the accounts reflection in the IBAN format, next changes will take place in application:


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Dear customers,

Starting with 1st of August 2016, IBAN code is implemented for all payments in MDL, according to the Decision no. 158 of the National Bank of Moldova from 16.06.2016 regarding modifications and completions to the ”Regulation regarding loan transfer”.

Use of IBAN codes will be mandatory for both treasury and commercial payments. Respectively, payments in old account formats (not IBAN) will not be processed.

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Do endless queues at counters for payment of bills for utilities tire you out? You have no longer time to go to a bank? Do you go on vacation and are you concerned about the problem of timely payments? Do you want to save money for fees charged at the counter? Do you want to have access to your accounts anywhere and anytime?

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