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Stimați clienți, 

Fie ca sărbătorile de iarnă să vă aducă momente de poveste, cadouri colorate, liniște lângă cei dragi și prosperitate.

Iubiți, visați mai îndrăzneț și bucurați-vă din plin de un an nou bun și binecuvântat.

Echipa Mobiasbancă rămâne la dispoziția Dvs. și în anul 2018, pentru a vă deservi cu drag și a vă oferi produse bancare avantajoase!


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The basis of the economy of the district, as elsewhere in Moldova, is agriculture. In addition to small and medium-sized farms, there are about 150 large agricultural businesses operating in this area. The commercial and production infrastructure of the sector is quite developed: five agro-shops and veterinary pharmacies, 27 cows insemination stations and milk acquisition and thirty slaughterhouses.

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Under the EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line, the EBRD is providing an additional €20 million loan to Moldova’s Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale to meet growing demand from local businesses investing in improved quality of their products and services.

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Dear clients,

In order to improve remote banking service, maintenance works will be performed. Due to this, the service will be unavailable for proper use in the period:

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New banking services and products for entrepreneurs, import and export companies were presented and debated on today at the ImpEx event, which brought together the largest companies in the field.  

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Partner of the newspaper ”Экономическое обозрение ”Логос-пресс” in project implementation ”Экономика регионов” became a commercial bank ”Mobiasbanca – Groupe Societe Generale”.


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Dear client,

We kindly inform you that a new version of Client-Banca application was developed. The new functionalities increase the security level, productivity and convenience of accounts management process and payments performing. The new application functionalities you can find here.

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Yes it is! In Chisinau, operates the Mortgage Center, which offers assistance in making a very important decision for everyone - buying your own home. Open at Mobiasbancă - Groupe Societe Generale, the Center offers for free consultations and diferent services, to facilitate the adoption of a balanced decision about buying a home and to take advantage of the financial support of the bank. Director of the Center - Anton Kovaliov, reveals some work details of the department he heads.
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The Mobiasbanca - Groupe Societe Generale Mortgage Center is a team of professionals, ready to answer any question about buying a home and provide all the necessary support, that you become the owner of your home in the shortest time possible .

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Do you feel overwhelmed with emotions or fears about one of the most important purchases that you are planning to make – buying a home? Consult experts!

9 months after the launch of the Mobiasbanca Mortgage Center, an increasing number of clients fulfill their dream of moving into their own home in a comfortable way and without the need of dealing with documents, convinced they have made the right choice as regards the sector, the builder, the cost and the interest rate. This is because at the Mobiasbanca Mortgage Center they benefited from:

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