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We know how passionate you are about the smell of land, how carefully you cultivate it and plant crops, and how much you want to reap a rich harvest. We support your passion and want all these dreams of yours come true and your business flourishes.

Mobiasbanca gives you the widest and the most advantageous loan offer from international funds to develop your farm business. Choose a loan at an interest rate from just 4.5% in foreign currency and from 9.5% in MDL.

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În septembrie 2016, BC “Mobiasbancă – Groupe Société Générale” SA şi compania “GRAWE Carat Asigurări” SA au încheiat un Acord de parteneriat în domeniul bancassurance, serviciu ce presupune vânzarea produselor de asigurări prin intermediul reţelei bancare.

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Dear clients,

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The use of myCard Chérie Chérie cards to make purchases in the country and abroad is rewarded by Mobiasbanca.

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The „Martisor” International Music Festival held on 2 March captivated the audience through emotional notes, masterfully created by the Symphony Orchestra of the “Serghei Lunchevici” National Philharmonic under the guidance of conductor Mihail Agafita, performed by violinist Alexandra Conunova, soprano Tatiana Costiuc and tenor Eduardo Guarnera.

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Since you are special. For you are a WOMAN. Because you deserve to be spoiled.

In March, Mobiasbanca make you a special offer.

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Mobiasbanca welcomes spring by opening a unique exhibition of colours and forms entitled “Flowers and Music for Women", and invites its employees and clients to attend the concert “MARTISOR", held at “Serghei Lunchevici” National Philharmonic.

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Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip, Governor of the National Bank of Moldova, Sergiu Cioclea, representatives from Société Générale, ambassadors, ministers, partners and clients came at a farewell party, on February 21, to appreciate the achievements of Ridha Tekaia at the helm of the bank and to wish him success in the new mission.

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În 2017 Mobiasbancă celebrează un deceniu de activitate pe piaţa Republicii Moldova sub egida importantului grup financiar Société Générale. În această perioadă, banca a urcat pe locul doi la categoria profit, a înregistrat unul dintre cei mai înalţi indicatori ai calităţii portofoliului de credite şi de atragere a depozitelor, şi, nu în ultimul rând, a fost un exemplu la capitolul transparenţă şi guvernare corporativă.

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Do you have a VISA card from Mobiasbanca? Participate in the raffle and win tickets to the semi-final Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The “On the same page with VISA” Campaign rules are simple:

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