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Developing your own business is now easier and more accessible together with Mobiasbanca.

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Mobiasbanca Mortgage Center - “Open the door to your home!”

Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale, subsidiary of the international group Société Générale, has opened the first Mortgage Center in the Republic of Moldova at an event held on 7th February, 2017.

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The clients of Mobiasbanca from the Southern area of the country, especially, from Cahul town, had a unique opportunity to find out more details about the projects and offers of Mobiasbanca, implicitly of the Cahul branch, which held the Day of open doors for its customers on February, 3.  

The event took place in the recently renovated office of branch no.10 on 20/16, Republicii str. that is arranged in line with the international standards and regulations of the Groupe Société Générale.

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Opportunities for business financing are presented by Mobiasbanca advisers at the exhibition “Made in Moldova”, which takes place from 1st of February during 5 days at Moldexpo.  

The participants at the exhibition and visitors will find answers about solutions for financing, including grant component, from international funds with advantageous lending rates and Mobiasbanca representatives will establish contacts and also schedule a meeting at the bank units.   

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Туризм – только одно из направлений развития района. Среди других приоритетов – возрождение потенциала в сфере виноделия, садоводства, производства овощей, животноводства, освоение новых направлений экономической деятельности. Все это отражено в Стратегии развития района Хынчешть на 2013-2020 годы, разработанного совместно с Академией наук Молдовы.

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Восторг и восхищение вызывает то, как команда менеджеров Mobiasbanca использует любую возможность, позволяющую еще больше разнообразить и диверсифицировать продукты банка для более 130 000 своих корпоративных клиентов. Председатель банка Рида ТЕКАЯ считает, что для этих целей все средства хороши, если только они помогают бизнесу и развитию экономики Молдовы.

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The renowned names of a group of Mobiasbanca employees that are known and appreciated in the banking field and by the customers for their professionalism, innovativeness of the developed and launched products and services were acclaimed on the stage at a recent corporate event dedicated to the 10th anniversary of membership to the Groupe Société Générale.

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A new contract for the second tranche, of 10,5 million euros, was signed by Mobiasbanca and the European Investment Fund (EIF) for InnovFin Facility, thus bank expanded the possibilities and available guarantee  sources for developing innovative projects in Republic of Moldova.

The new tranche results both from the contractual terms and the desire to meet high client’s demands of crediting within this facility.

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Becoming recently partner of "Credit support provided by the Polish Government”, Mobiasbanca offers its customers financing  on favorable terms for the development of companies operating in the agro-food and industrial field of the Republic of Moldova.

Thus, in order to develop their business the customers can access, within the program, credits from 500 000 Euros to 5 million Euros, which will be offered for a period of maximum of 12 years within the lending facility of the "Polish Credit" program.

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To extend the festive spirit and to offer you the possibility to realize your dream plans, Mobiasbanca announces about the extension of Promotional Campaign for consumer TO_TO loans and mortgage loans in lei with an interest rate of 10% until January 31 this year.

Also, clients will benefit from preferential accident insurance costs and best conditions to insure the mortgaged real estate.

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