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On July 4, Mobiasbanca celebrates the 27th anniversary of its foundation. Congratulations to our financial institution, which has played an important role in the Moldovan banking system’s development, our large team, clients and partners, which contribute to the common success.

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has awarded the most active issuing banks which are part of the Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP) at the EBRD’s Annual Meeting and Business Forum, which took place recently in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Repeatedly, this year, Mobiasbanca has also been awarded the TFP Program Award, as a sign of recognition and appreciation of the value of the bank’s warranty and documentary credentials issued during the year under the Program.

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Being dwarfed by the rays of the sun or dazzled by the heavy summer rainfalls, still with enthusiasm, but also with muscular fever (sometimes), unforgettable views and a big amount of impressions that one could write a whole book about it. This is how the bike adventure of the 13 participants HOSPICE Bike Tour ended for the edition of 2017.

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Since June 26 you can deposit your moeny through CASHBOX located in the selfservice area within No.3 ”Ciocana” branch  (Chisinau, 2, Mircea cel Batran ave.)*.

We remind you the advantages you benefit while using CASHBOX:

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Mobiasbanca informs the enthusiasts of culture and beauty that these are the last days when they can still visit and admire the works of brilliant painters exhibited at the 5th edition of the International Biannual Exhibition of Painting in Chisinau at the National Art Museum of Moldova.

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This campaign shows the employees’ spirit of volunteering, motivates them to spread a noble cause and also it aims to inspire as many people as possible to lead a healthy life.

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Формируя план реализации нашей рубрики «Экономика регионов», мы изначально одним из приоритетных пунктов назначения определили район Унгень. По многим причинам. Это один из крупнейших и динамично развивающихся районов республики с богатой историей и традициями.

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The automotive industry participates in the first event organized in Moldova by the Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organization (MIEPO), during 13 – 14 June.

45 European investors, as well as 72 local automotive industry companies, met at the "Moldova Automotive Days 2017" Forum.

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Since May 2017, Moldova's fourth largest bank, Mobiasbanca Groupe Société Générale, has a new president, Antoine Gabizon, an experienced banker who had already managed Société Générale's subsidiaries in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Romania and Georgia. The new president wants to strengthen Mobiasbanca's position on the market, increase its operational efficiency and fully ally it with Société Générale's standards.

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В Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale произошла смена Президента Управляющего Комитета. Теперь этот пост занимает Антуан ГАБИЗОН, за плечами которого огромный опыт работы в Groupe Société Générale. Какой вектор развития изберет Управляющий Комитет банка, и что планирует предпринимать господин ГАБИЗОН на новом посту?

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