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Send and receive money through Western Union transfer system with Mobiasbanca during 1 May – 31 August this year and take the chance to win a set of two bicyles!

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The new edition of the Bank Shareholders’ Transparency Rating in Moldova, conducted by “Expert-Grup” Analytical Centre, reconfirmed the high degree of Mobiasbanca transparency – the bank was assigned a high rating.

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In the fifth week of the loan campaign, fortune smiled upon Liudmila Vedernicova from Chisinau. The 25-29 April drawing identified the winner of the 0% interest rate for the entire period of repayment of the consumer loan, contracted at Mobiasbanca.

5 lucky loans have already been won weekly since March 20! There are another 5 weeks of the campaign in which, by contracting a consumer loan, you can win a 0% interest rate.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive Unistream money transfers in a simple, fast and advantageous way - directly to your Mobiasbanca account.

Each Unistream transfer received on your account during Mobiasbancay 1st – August 1st of this year allows you to automatically enter the prize draw worth 1000 MDL, 5000 MDL and the grand prize of 10 000 MDL! The more transfers you receive, the greater your chances of winning!

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Mobiasbanca launches the offer for mortgage loans in MDL, EUR and USD with an annual interest rate from 6%, and offers many advantages:

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On 2nd of May 2017, National Bank of Moldova approved the appointment of Mr. Antoine GABIZON as the new President of the Management Board - CEO of CB ”MOBIASBANCA – Groupe Société Générale” S.A.

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The Executive of the Mobiasbanca informs public opinion and stakeholders that on 27 April 2017 the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of CB “MOBIASBANCA- Groupe Société Générale” S.A. was held, during which were examined eight issues of importance both for the shareholders and the bank.

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The fourth lucky consumer loan came already into the possession of the Mobiasbanca customer.

After having been previously won at Soroca, Balti and Drochia, the lucky loan at 0% interest rate found its fourth beneficiary in Chisinau.

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Еженедельник «Экономическое обозрение Логос пресс» продолжает публиковать цикл статей под рубрикой «Экономика регионов». На этот раз для обзора мы выбрали район почти «на крайнем севере» страны – Единец.

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