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On the night of May 19th, from 18.00 to midnight , we invite you to the museum. Take your families, friends and let's enjoy the European Night of Museums together.

Mobiasbanca is the general partner of the National Art Museum, which awaits us with a diverse cultural program:

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Dear clients,

We kindly inform you that in conection with the NBM requests has been updated the Delegation for cash withdrawal in MDL form. To perform the cash withdrawal operation please use the respective updated document. You can download it here.


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On 18 May 2018 the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of CB “MOBIASBANCA - Groupe Société Générale” S.A. was held, during which a number of issues of importance both for the shareholders and the Bank were examined.

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Dear client,

Please be informed that, starting with May 2018 the unified standard system of the "FEE-Nord" SA database will be applied for FEE Donduseni.

Therefore, in order to pay the utility bill for FEE Donduseni it is necessary to redefine the utility bill by deleting the FEE Donduseni invoice and defining the new invoice - FEE Nord, according to the User Guide.

At the same time, the invoice code will be modified by adding the "1" before the account number.

Thank you for understanding!


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Dear clients,

Remote banking service has registered technical problems and has been unavailable for use.

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The Cannes International Film Festival, which brings together cinema celebrities around the world on the red carpet, will bring under the floodlight a customer of Mobiasbanca as well. Dorin Rotaru is winner of the big prize of the Mastercard campaign "Being in the world of cinema is priceless". He will visit Cannes, the most elegant and popular city on the French Riviera, for three days/two nights during the Cannes Film Festival 2018.

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Mobiasbanca clients will be able to feel the emotions of the 2018 Champions League, by wearing the branded elements of the event.

As a result of random sampling, 111 Mobiasbanca clients, holders of Mastercard cards, were appointed as the winners of the first stage. Thus, in the near future, personal advisors will invite the winners at the Mobiasbanca branches to take their prizes – branded baseball caps.

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60 women clients of Mobiasbanca appointed as the winners of the ‘Spring pampering from Mobiasbanca’ Campaign will enjoy a true spring delight.

Since they used Mobiasbanca’s bank cards to make purchases, since they met the conditions of the bank’s regulation and had some luck, each of them won a SPA certificate worth of 500 MDL. SPA procedures can be used until August inclusive.

The Mobiasbanca team wants their woman clients to fully enjoy the SPA procedures and keep on using the services of the bank.

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During the spring holiday, Chisinau Municipal Specialized School of Chess and Checkers no. 7 held the "Mobiasbanca Cup at Chess". In the Cup race, over a hundred chess players up to the age of 16 were enrolled, divided into three value groups. The tournament was attended by champions and vice-champions of Moldova in chess in their age categories, the contest being registered for the ELO calculation at the International Chess Federation, the chess players being able to meet the normative of the candidate in chess master.

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For a year now, Mobiasbanca clients have been fulfilling their plans to buy their own home without any legal or administrative fears, with all their questions answered and loans obtained quickly and on the most advantageous conditions.

Although in order to buy a home one can get a loan in any Mobiasbanca branch, the Mortgage Center additionally provides the clients with free consultancy and expertise, support and benefits for real estate registration, discounts from partners and various offers in the mortgage market.

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