As of June 1st using Золотая Корона money transfer system, you can receive money transfers from European Union countries both in cash, at the bank's branches or on your bank card, without habing to go to the bank.

Moreover, people who are sending money from European Union countries to CIS member countries will be able to do it for FREE!

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Dear shareholder!
Mobiasbanca – OTP Group S.A. informs, according to the Decision of the Supervisory Board from 27th of May 2020, about the convocation of the ordinary Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.  
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Because we know how important is to get home on time, head to the office or at your most important meetings, we'd like to announce a new offer by VISA® and Yandex Taxi. We think you’d like it!

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Mobiasbanca will receive a 5 million euro loan from its long-standing partner - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for lending to local companies. 

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Stimați clienți,

Vă aducem la cunoștință că, începând cu 25.05.2020, intră în vigoare completările la Condițiile Generale Bancare Persoane Juridice / Agenți Economici, Capitolul III. Servicii Bancare la Distanță, aferente serviciului Proiect Salarial.

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Sunt momente în care înțelegi că e timpul unei schimbări...
Fie că vrei să renovezi locuința, să procuri un automobil sau ai pur și simplu nevoie de bani, la Mobiasbanca – OTP Group îți oferim suportul de care ai nevoie. 
Pune-ți viața pe upgrade cu un credit de nevoi personale fără gaj, cu rată fixă de la 3% și aprobare de la 15 minute*!
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Dear clients,
Due to maintenance work, the MobiasSMS service will be temporarily unavailable on 14th of May 2020, between 08:30 – 14:00.
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A brand built on values, withstands the test of time and temporary challenges. At the same time, a strong team builds a strong brand. At Mobiasbanca, we always put people first, being a responsible and reliable employer for 30 years. 
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As a result of the potential impact of COVID-19 pandemic the original macroeconomic forecast for both Hungary and countries of foreign OTP Group members became outdated.
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The coronavirus pandemic has affected the agriculture of the whole world and our farmers continue to be dedicated to their developing businesses. The whole country’s nutrition security depends on them, as they are the only ones capable of recovering the affected economy by selling high quality products. 

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