Mobiasbanca supports the innovation of the medical sector in the Republic of Moldova

17 Oct 2017

Mobiasbanca continues to support the medical sector and young entrepreneurs passionate about the development of information technologies, supporting the BreakingMED project, aimed at revolutionizing the medical system in the country.

“Confidence of a financial institution such as Mobiasbanca has been and is highly important for us. It gave us wings, and we persevere to revolutionize through innovation and digitization of the medical sector”, Olga Graur, Project Manager said.

BreakingMED has managed to gather over 100 young people who have explored the concepts of WEB and mobile applications, virtual reality, 3D printing and Big Data in the future medicine. The participants came up with digital solutions for the most pressing problems.

“The potential of information technologies must be unleashed especially in health care in order to support its development, and ultimately – to help save lives and promote health care and life expectancy of the population. The support for this project reconfirms the Mobiasbanca’s strategy to support the medical sector through the MobiSanté program, innovations and building confidence in the potential of young IT developers”, Stela Ciobanu, General Secretary of the bank, said.

The BreakingMED project will culminate in a Hackathon event where a number of programmers, health care workers, designers and entrepreneurs will participate in software development, working together to implement a draft program system for computers.