MobiSanté is grateful to the medical staff

12 Jun 2017

Mobiasbanca launches a new offer dedicated to individuals, engaged in the public or private medical sector, covering advantageous loans, attractive discounts, profitable deposits and a number of free banking products and services.

Join by July 15 the MobiSanté package, specially designed for the medical staff, and receive:

  • 7%1 interest rate on consumer loans without collateral2
  • 50% discount on the real estate loan granting fee3
  • +0.25% bonus to the annual interest rate for any term deposit and savings account in MDL

We offer you free of charge: Debit MasterCard / Visa Electron debit card, MasterCard Standard NEOS / Visa Classic credit card, MobiasSMS remote banking services, automatic payment of invoices through eFactura service, making scheduled payments.

Visit the nearest Mobiasbanca branch, contact your personal adviser or Contactell service 022 256-456, available 24/24, and enjoy the special offer, specially designed for medical staff.

1 The offer is valid only in the event of contracting Accident Insurance.
2 For a TO_TO loan of 80 000 lei, with a fixed interest rate of 7% for 60 months, with a monthly loan administration fee of 0.5%, the annual percentage rate is 18.13% (the calculations are approximate).
3 For a mortgage loan of 400 000 lei for 60 months, with a fixed interest rate of 6% for the first year (the offer is valid until June 30, 2017) and 10.95% for the following years, with a loan granting fee of 0,50% and the monthly loan administration fee of 0.15% of the balance, the annual percentage rate is 11.53% (the calculations are approximate).