Small and medium-sized enterprises in Moldova are to benefit from greater access to finance as the EBRD and the European Union (EU) unlock fresh funding. The EBRD is providing an additional €5 million loan to Mobiasbanca for on-lending supported by EU grants under the EU4Business-EBRD credit line. 
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Mobiasbanca - OTP Group has always been concerned about PEOPLE. People's life and health being a priority of the bank's partnerships with medical institutions in the country.

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Mobiasbanca - OTP Group was awarded for the 5th consecutive year by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), being recognized as one of the most successful issuing banks, part of the Trade Facilitation Program (TFP).

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“OK” Foundation for Financial Education - a unique educational project sponsored by Mobiasbanca - OTP Group S.A., dedicated to increasing the level of financial education in local communities and young generation, it was launched on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the bank.

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Mobiasbanca - OTP Group S.A. celebrates thirty years of activity, being now one of the four largest banks in Moldova, with 160,000 clients, 800 employees and 53 branches across the country.  

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Cumpărăturile devin și mai plăcute atunci când primești o parte din bani înapoi

Timp de 10 săptămâni, Mastercard și Mobiasbanca – OTP Group te vor răsplăti pentru cumpărăturile efectuate, oferindu-ți până la 1000 de lei pe săptămână, înapoi pe card.

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On the Professional Bank Officer’s day the Bank’s Association of Moldova (BAM) comes with special greetings for the entire team of Mobiasbanca – OTP Group and distinctions for some of our colleagues.

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We would like inform you that the special offer for some operations performed through the Business Internet Banking service, which was launched on 01.04.2020 – had expired, so the tariffs related to these operations are returning to the standard values* according to tariffs in force.

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As of June 1st using Золотая Корона money transfer system, you can receive money transfers from European Union countries both in cash, at the bank's branches or on your bank card, without habing to go to the bank.

Moreover, people who are sending money from European Union countries to CIS member countries will be able to do it for FREE!

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Dear shareholder!
Mobiasbanca – OTP Group S.A. informs, according to the Decision of the Supervisory Board from 27th of May 2020, about the convocation of the ordinary Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.  
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