Mobiasbanca – OTP Group was included in the ranking of the largest commercial banks in South East Europe, according to the SEENEWS TOP 100 SEE BANKS, made by Business Intelligence for Southeast Europe. 

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The last five lucky persons of the Campaign “Realize your ideas with a simple and rapid credit from Mobiasbanca”, during which any person who contracted a consumer loan without collaterals from Mobiasbanca participated into the raffle and had the chance of winning a City Break, they took their vouchers 10.000 MDL. 
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The most creative and representative musicians, musical conductors, singers, musical directors, musical ensembles, music producers, dancers, choreographers, who manifested themselves and contributed fully to the development and promotion of the national musical art during the current year were nominated for „2019 Musical Excellence Gala”. 

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Mobiasbanca is a trusted partner for its clients, appreciated for quality services and financial stability, by applying international standards for operating and risk management.

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At the 5th edition of Chisinau International Marathon, Mobisbanca OTP – Group team became bigger, more powerful and more inspired. 
40 employees, ambitious colleagues registered for the competition and ran 21, 10 and 5 km and they competed for the title of the fastest runner.  The courage of the colleagues who participated for the first time at the marathon is appreciable. 


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Устали от аренды и, наконец, хотите иметь собственное место, чтобы назвать его ДОМОМ? 
Ждём Вас в период 26.09.19-29.09.19 у стенда Mobiasbanca на Выставке «Недвижимости 2019», с специальным предложением - 0% комиссия на выдачу ипотечного кредита.


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Mobiasbanca - OTP Group challenges you to add another dimension to your business, develop your own ideas and reach your goals. In this regard, it has prepared an advantageous offer for you:

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Let your business to thrive this autoumn, with the most advantageous loans and leasing deals.
Now, at Mobiasbanca, you can benefit from a 10% interest rate discount on loans to finance your current business, to develop your business or to purchase equipment in leasing.


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Mobiasbanca – OTP Group S. A. a fost înregistrată de către Comisia Națională a Pieței Financiare în Registrul agenților de asigurare și al agenților bancassurance, fiind confirmat dreptul de a desfășura activitatea de intermediere în asigurări și / sau reasigurări. 

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We inform you that after the registration of sale-purchase transactions of share packages of total amount of 9.669.155 shares of 22.07.2019 to Moldova Stock Exchange, OTP BANK Nyrt has become the owner of 9.669.155 shares, which constitute 96.69% of the total shares issued by the bank. 

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