Pay with the Mastercard ® card from Mobiasbanca, purchases in a minimum amount of 200 lei and participate in the extraction of one of 20 money certificates worth 2000 lei. In addition, you have the chance to win the big prize – a certificate worth 10 000 lei.

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All persons that have made payments for purchases worth at least 100 lei with their Mastercard card from Mobiasbanca within September 24 – October 7, can now take their prizes. 

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The further consolidation of the good cooperation between Mobiasbanca and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the extension of joint projects and the diversification of financing products have been discussed at the meeting of the bank's top management with the EBRD officials, on Thursday, October 25.

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The excellent results of Mobiasbanca achieved in financing and supporting its clients who carries out export, import activities or who distribute imported goods were honored by EBRD within Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP). Bank was distinguished with award as The most active issuing bank in Moldova in 2017, for the third consecutive year.

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Do you run a business and want to develop it?
Mobiasbanca believes in you in your business, therefore offers you loans on the most favorable conditions, as well as other service benefits!


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Breast cancer in the Republic of Moldova takes first place in malignant tumor morbidity between women, with about one thousand new cases per year. 
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Anna Juravliova from Balti is the last lucky winner of the lending campaign that offered the opportunity to earn 0% interest rate and 0% loan fee under the credit agreement.  

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In the heart of Chisinau, in The National Art Museum of Moldova - one of the most emblematic buildings of the country, the revised and completed edition of the Vinil Collection, book authored by Igor Guzun, was launched, a new art project supported by Mobiasbanca.

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During the National Volunteering Week, Mobiasbanca employees are reaffirming their lifelong commitment to the values that have become a hallmark of the Mobiasbanca collective i.e. team spirit, responsibility, innovation, commitment etc. that are evident from the tenths of social projects carried out. .

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The eighth winner of the lending campaign is Dora Diaconu from Ungheni.

After taking a loan to implement some of her important family plans, the client automatically participated in the weekly raffle, and fortune smiled on her.

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