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They know the meaning of  happiness. They do not seek it, but live with all their innocence specific to a childhood.
They have convinced us that their happiness lies in simple things; they have made us see the world through their eyes, even if they see it through lenses and diopters, while in wheelchairs or in a more internalized world.
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While demand for retail loans continues to grow, many corporates delay their investment decisions, taking a wait-and-see-attitude. The  resident of CB Mobiasbanca-Groupe Societe Generale SA , Antoine Gabizon, notes that the number of those who "just need to press the button" and get the money is growing.
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From the capital of Moldova to Straseni there are 23 kilometers. Therefore, in this district, as in others, which are near Chisinau, one can observe "unity and struggle between different opposing parties".

On the one hand, the neighborhood of the megapolis in the capital helps to solve various problems related to the unemployment and the selling of agricultural products, but on the other - it takes the most qualified resources, but also the interest of the investors.

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The Banker (Aprili 2018), part of the Financial Times group, rheviewing recent developments of the Moldovan banking system.

“Over the past five years Mobiasbanca has doubled its size and almost trebled its profits, with a 2017 return on equity in excess of 18%, the highest in the sector,” says Antoine Gabizon, Mobiasbanca CEO and president of the management board.


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