Speaking about the Causeni district, it is necessary to note first of all its successful geographical location.
First, the city itself. Directly through its center is one of the most important roads of national importance of the republic, the direction to the border crossing points with Ukraine Tudora / Starokozache and Palanca. Accordingly, this is the way to Odessa and its Black Sea coast.
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Ольга Ваданюк
Удобство, независимость, комфорт.
Подарок мужу на 14 февраля, поход в салон красоты, услуги такси.
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Raionul Dubăsari în Moldova are un statut special. Și o condiție specială: o zonă fără oraș. Pe moment. Până la reunirea a două părți de până acum împrăștiate ale Moldovei: zona Dubăsari RM și raionul Dubăsari, sub controlul autorităților RMN nerecunoscut.

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Our bank has a number of advantages among the employers in Moldova, being part of an international financial company.

Young professionals wishing to build a career in the banking sector will choose a company where it is possible to develop their professional skills qualitatively, with the adoption of experience and standards at the European level, and also where there is a clear and transparent vision of the prospects for growth in the career ladder.

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BC "Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale" S.A., over 11 years of a solid international financial group - Société Générale, is the reliable partner of entrepreneurs with quality financial products and services since its inception; is a strong brand, appreciated for stability and transparency.

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This year, Mobiasbanca decided to redirect funds for the purchase of gifts to customers to repair the intensive care unit of Emilian Coţaga Hospital of the Mother and Child Institute.

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The problem of home ownership is extremely acute for many people in our country. With the emergence of the First Home State Program, the situation of the citizens has changed. But even if you want to use this program, the consumer has to choose a specific bank.

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The first Mortgage Center, designed to help the population in questions regarding the purchase of mortgages or mortgages under the First House program, is successfully operating for the second year under CB Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale S.A. We discussed with Mobiasbanca representatives about the benefits of working with this center.

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Sangerei district is not very often mentioned in the Moldova information space, it is often "eclipsed" by the neighbors of Balti Municipality, which is 20 km away from the district center. The more interesting it is to get acquainted with.

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Teleneşti district is located away from the country's business center, from national roads and railway intersections. It is therefore difficult to resume the previous production in it or to create new ones.
However, the region feels a desire to preserve traditions and develop modern trends, including production. New signs of development have been seen here in many industries.


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