Regarding holding of the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders of CB “MOBIASBANCA- Groupe Société Générale” S.A.

27 Apr 2017

The Executive of the Mobiasbanca informs public opinion and stakeholders that on 27 April 2017 the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of CB “MOBIASBANCA- Groupe Société Générale” S.A. was held, during which were examined eight issues of importance both for the shareholders and the bank.

During the Meeting the activity reports of the Supervisory Board, of the Executive Body and of the Censor Commission for 2016 were presented, also the bank’s priority directions for 2017 were established. Bank’s objectives for the previous year were fulfilled and Mobiasbanca continues its ascending trend of development, succeeding to expand its client base, to rise in net banking income and to improve in operational efficiency.

Bank’s shareholders appreciated that major financial indicators of Mobiasbanca had a positive evolution in 2016: market share for loans and deposits significantly increased, the number of active clients increased by approx. 10%, the total bank’s assets raised by approx. 23%. The credit portfolio registered favorable expansion by +4,6%, both for individuals and corporate clients. The deposits portfolio raised by +27% compared to the previous year. The general evolution of the efficiency indicators was ascendant. The net banking income increased by +10%, at the same time the operating expenses decreased by -1.9%. The Net profit raised by +42% compared to previous year that lead to increase of return on equity.

With reference to bank’s priorities for 2017, the vision and strategy for the coming years is based on customer focus, applying the strategy to be the most reliable, secure and trusted bank, building on client relationship with engaged team, through modern solutions and simple processes.

In the current year, the bank shareholders will receive dividends in the amount of 16.33 MDL per share, being in total 163.2 MMDL or 50% of the net profit. The value of the dividends increased by 50% compared to the previous year. The General Meeting of the Shareholders decided that the profit remaining after payment of the dividends will be registered in the “Undistributed Profit” account.