Rugby team having hard workouts for important matches

12 Apr 2017

Spring – the season of new beginnings – has found the National rugby team in several matches.

On the eve of national rugby championships, teams from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine participate in the ”2017 Chisinau Cup” international verification tournament.

At the continental Rugby Europe Championship, Trophy 2016-2017, our national team played an ordinary match with the Polish national team on the Anenii Noi stadium. Although the match ended with Moldovan rugby players defeat, it was an opportunity to draw conclusions and learn some lessons.

The President of the Federation, Vasile Revenco said: ”We will analyze the quality of the game and change the tactical scheme on the eve of return matches, scheduled for autumn. Also, we have a specific project, related to participation in 2018 of the Moldovan national team in the rugby sevenths Olympic qualifications for the right to obtain the license for 2020 Tokyo Olympics”.

”We support the sportsmen of our National rugby team, sharing with them the joy of victory, but also encouraging them to stay on the course when suffering a defeat, being convinced that victory belongs to optimists who work in the most persevering manner”, Stela Ciobanu, General Secretary of Mobiasbanca, said.

Mobiasbanca is the general partner of the National Rugby Federation since 2008. We support sports and healthy lifestyle, because it is #correct.