Spring and Woman – praised by Mobiasbanca

27 Feb 2017

Mobiasbanca welcomes spring by opening a unique exhibition of colours and forms entitled “Flowers and Music for Women", and invites its employees and clients to attend the concert “MARTISOR", held at “Serghei Lunchevici” National Philharmonic.

The exhibition has been opened on 27 February, at the bank’s head office, to the delight of employees and clients. The paintings and wood carvings are signed by artists from the Republic of Moldova – Gheorghe Tarna, Tudor Fabian and Grigore Sultan. The exhibits, which have been brought together in a single space and exposed for the first time in this format, form a perfect symbiosis to pay tribute to the beauty, sensuality and softness of a Woman.

“By supporting these events combining visual art and music we intend to pay tribute to the Woman, thinking, first of all, of the bank’s female employees, but also of all mothers, daughters and women from Moldova. These cultural events represent the continuity of the message, conveyed by the local artists’ works so masterly expressed in the context of the spring holidays”, Ridha Tekaia, President of the Board of Directors, CEO Mobiasbanca said.

After conducting an exhibition of modern art, following the exhibition of bronze sculptures, Mobiasbanca continues to facilitate the employees and clients’ dialogue with art, providing them with a great opportunity to admire genuineness, to rediscover local artists and works of value whenever visiting the bank office.

The works are inaugurated with the support of ”Art Elite” and ”Bronze Elite” galleries within 27 February – 24 March and can be admired from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00.

At the same time, Mobiasbanca invites excellent music lovers to attend a concert of violinist Alexandra Conunova and Italian tenor Eduardo Guarnera, organized within the Mobiasbancartisor International Music Festival 2017 on 2 March.

The exhibition of paintings and music concert of this year continue the commitments taken by Mobiasbanca through corporate social responsibility policy to support art and talented people, because it is #correct!

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