The Day of open doors at Mobiasbanca

29 May 2017

What is the structure of a bank? How is the money kept? How is banknote authenticity verified? What services and products are offered in a bank? And how can you manage your pocket money correctly, while managing to save money?

These are just a few questions to which answers were learnt by the pupils of the 3rd and 4th class from “Mircea Eliade” Theoretical Lyceum and “Pas cu Pas” school-kindergarten from the capital, accompanied by the teachers.

On May 24th and 25th, Mobiasbanca opened its doors to curious pupils to see the backstage of the banking world. From the very beginning of the excursion, the pupils were fascinated by the process of working in a branch, and the opportunity to enter the bank’s secure areas satisfied their curiosity about a number of issues that were completely unknown to them before.

In the end, the children received gifts and left with a lot of new impressions and thoughts. Most of them said that in future they would like to work in the banking sector, but also to come back to the bank on other excursions.

The Mobiasbanca team wishes the pupils beautiful holidays and for the financial lesson learned in the backstage of the bank to help them always take the right financial decisions.

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