They moved into their own home with the support of the Mobiasbanca Mortgage Center

28 Nov 2017

Do you feel overwhelmed with emotions or fears about one of the most important purchases that you are planning to make – buying a home? Consult experts!

9 months after the launch of the Mobiasbanca Mortgage Center, an increasing number of clients fulfill their dream of moving into their own home in a comfortable way and without the need of dealing with documents, convinced they have made the right choice as regards the sector, the builder, the cost and the interest rate. This is because at the Mobiasbanca Mortgage Center they benefited from:

- the most advantageous mortgage rate

- advice and expertise in choosing an apartment

- administrative and legal advice

- free support not only in preparing and collecting the required documents, but also in relations with the authorities.

„This formula of helping the client to get a mortgage loan has proved to be a great success. The client’s psychological comfort means a lot to us, because neither the decision to take a mortgage loan nor the choice of an apartment is an easy one. We provide support, safety and professional advice, while gratitude and an increasing number of clients make us happy and motivate us to move forward”, Anton Covaliov, Head of Mobiasbanca Mortgage Center stated.

The Mobiasbanca Mortgage Center is located in Chisinau city, 13/1 Miron Costin St., working from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., contact number: 022812217, 022812211.

Open the door to your home!