Mobiasbanca is launching new campaign — "Building team spirit together"

23 Mar 2012

Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale is launching its new communications campaign, based on a strong and engaging signature vis-à-vis all of its customers and employees: "Building team spirit together", adhering to the worldwide campaign of Société Générale.

Throughout this campaign the focus will be on the relationship between employees, between the bank and its partners, its clients and directed towards listening more closely to their needs. Also, the aim of this campaign is to highlight what is important in bank’s business team success - between employees and clients!

In line with the new SG Group brand platform the new campaign was locally adapted with a signature Building Team Spirit Together, a strong and engaging message it is sending to it’s customers and employees. It will give a visual support to the new strategic direction that already started with the Ambition 2015 transformation programme - to make Societe Generale the reference for relationship banking.

For Societe Generale, a bank is first and foremost a service company, and the customer relationship will always be at the heart of this service. This conviction is the basis of the new Group signature. The promise of building team spirit together gives a complete sense of the modern relationship that the bank hopes to build with its customers – a balanced, long-term relationship where the bank works alongside its customers to help them succeed in their projects and to progress with them.

"Building team spirit together" is also the internal motto for the transformation undertaken by the Group. Combining skills, initiating synergies, pooling resources and best practices, to ultimately improve the company’s customer service – the message is as rich in meaning for employees as it is for customers. Beyond the transformation underway, team spirit is a strong value at Societe Generale, anchored in its managerial culture and practices; as a universal value, it has the potential to unite all of the Group's employees throughout the world.

“We believe that it is by working together with our customers and within the company that we will build the reference for relationship banking. We are mobilizing all of our energies and resources to meet this ambition. We know that customer satisfaction cannot be decreed; it is earned through sustained deeds and action: this is the meaning of our transformation programme and our new campaign. It unites us and drives us to succeed. This is how we perceive our profession as bankers, this is how we will be useful to our clients and to the economy, in a world in upheaval," says Frédéric Oudéa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale.

After 21th years of business in Moldova, Mobiasbanca is ensuring that its customers recognize it as a true partner in the long run, a bank that cares about them, regardless of the changes in environment As an institution with a long tradition in our country, a bank with a recognized brand, this year Mobiasbanca will continue to develop its network, will continue to improve products and services, grant loans to legal entities and individuals, all with the overall goal – keep and continuously improve the satisfaction of its clients with provided services.

The advertising campaign started its deployment on TV, billboards and in the press. 

The logo with the new tagline is used in all promotional materials: