Ridha Tekaia – the new President of the Bank

02 May 2012

Starting with the 1st of May 2012 Mr. Ridha Tekaia was invested with full powers to exercise the position of President of CB ” MOBIASBANCĂ – Groupe Société Générale ” S.A., for a 3 years mandate.  

Mr. Ridha Tekaia replaced Mr. Jean-Francois Myard, the president of the bank in the perriod March 2007 – April 2012.

Mr. Ridha Tekaia has a 25 years experience in Société Générale, working in the French network, as well in the International Retail banking subdivisions.

He has a rich international experience, to be mentioned here:

  • Cameroon – responsible for multinational companies, including the companies exporting primary products;
  • Czech Republic – responsible for corporate and SME markets; collaborating with international financial organizations and in the public-private partnership projects in the frame of the European Integration Program of Czech Republic;
  • Algeria – commercial director, responsible for network development and corporate and retail markets.

Mobiasbanca will follow the ambition of Societe Generale  to become a real relationship bank and a reference bank on the market.