Mobiasbanca - 22 years of activity

04 Jul 2012

Mobiasbanca has 22 years of activity already. These years were full of success and achievements we are proud of!Today Mobiasbanca is a strong bank that inspires confidence and is able to cope with economic challenges

Indeed, our bank benefits not only from Société Générale support, the experience and its know-how, but also a good financial position with a healthy balance sheet and a high quality loan portfolio.

Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale is a modern and solid bank, demonstrating professionalism and team spirit, focused entirely on customer satisfaction.

We believe that by working together with our customers we will really build a bank of reference. We mobilize all our energy and resources to meet this ambition. We know that customer satisfaction can not be decreed, it is earned through deeds and actions. It unites us and leads us to success. This is how we perceive our profession of bankers and how we can be useful to our customers and the whole economy in a changing world.

Building team spirit together!