Mobiasbancă launches energy efficiency loans within MOREEFF program

20 Aug 2013

Want to reduce your costs for electricity and heat? You can now do it more easily with the new loan ECONOM in MDL from Mobiasbancă – Groupe Société Générale!

The loan ECONOM in MDL is offered for energy efficient projects: installing energy-efficient windows, thermal isolation of walls and floors, installation of performant gas or biomass heating systems or solar panels, etc. The loans is meant for individuals, with an advantageous annual interest rate of up to 10,5% and is offered with or eithout guarantees.

Moreover, after the project realization, you have the right to receive a grant in amount of up till 20% of the loan amount!

You can find out details about the loan ECONOM here, to your personal councelor or by Contactell Service, available every day, 24/24, on the telephone number 022 256-456.