Mobiasbancă is ready to provide EUR 50 Mio to support Moldovan economy in 2014

05 Mar 2014

Mobiasbancă – Groupe Société Générale is ready to offer in 2014 loans in total amount of EUR 50 Mio. These financial resources will be directed towards the supporting of Moldovan economy by lending local companies from various sectors, as well as the individuals.

Due to the policy of maintaining long-term relationships with international financial organizations, Mobiasbancă has significantly intensified the collaboration with its international partners on mutually advantageous terms. Thus, Mobiasbancă loan offer includes the IFI contribution from European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and European Investment Bank (EIB), with which the bank concluded partnerships totaling over 50 million EUR, during 2013 and early 2014. Therefore, each reliable private client, either corporate entity or from SME sector, or individual practicing entrepreneurial activity can benefit from financial support provided by the bank in advantageous conditions.

In 2013, Mobiasbancă became an active partner of the energy efficiency program, by signing with EBRD three agreements in the total amount of EUR 12 Mio. The loans granted within this program may be accessed by legal entities (the MoSEFF facility) as well as individuals (MoREEFF facilities) to implement measures to reduce energy consumption: insulation of walls and roofs, replacement of old equipment with new one or installing a new generation advanced technologies, installations of energy efficient windows, biomass boilers, solar heating system etc. Accessing the loans within this program the client benefits from free technical advice and the successfully implemented project gives the right to obtain the grant component.

Mobiasbancă supports its customers by providing financing for their business development: classic loans, revolving facilities, leasing, on short or long term (up to 10 years), to finance investments or working capital from EIB loan resources. The volume and term is adjusted according to the clients’ needs.

In early February, Mobiasbancă concluded a new partnership agreement with EBRD, which is a risk sharing facility up to EUR 10 Mio. Thanks to this innovative mechanism implemented, the bank will grant larger long-term loans. Thus, while the BERD will assume a part of the credit risk associated with the loan, ambitious projects that previously could not be accepted due to regulatory limits on the amount of credit will now be financed at a maximum volume. This facility is designed for the clients with a satisfactory financial situation and meets the requirements related to the credit assurance.

”Mobiasbancă – Groupe Société Générale” understands the responsibility and the commitment to its clients and partners. Within a challenging economic environment, our aim is to offer the right solutions to our clients, for having more confidence and security. We stand by our customers and we are sensitive to their needs. We would like to contribute to their development and the progress of Moldovan economy with our offer of products and services, but also with our expertise as a member of a world leading financial group and 150 years of group experience in this field,” mentioned Ridha Tekaia, the president of the bank.

Mobiasbancă is a universal commercial bank, serving over 106,000 active clients in the corporate, SME and retail sectors through a network of 56 branches. The bank is a subsidiary of Groupe Société Générale SA, one of the leading financial institutions in Europe, celebrating in 2014 its 150th anniversary.