Communicate regarding holding of the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of CB “MOBIASBANCA-Groupe Société Générale” S.A.

28 Apr 2016

On 28 April 2016 it was hold the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of CB “MOBIASBANCA- Groupe Société Générale” S.A., during which were examined 9 issues of importance both for the shareholders and the Bank.

During the Meeting there were presented the activity report of the Supervisory Board, Executive Body and the Censor Commission for 2015, also there were established the Bank’s priority directions and orientations in 2016. Bank’s objectives for the previous year were fulfilled and Bank continues its ascending trend of development. Despite the unstable economic environment that characterized 2015, Bank succeeded to expand the client base, to raise the net banking income and improve the operational efficiency.

Also due to commercial efforts, the major financial indicators of Mobiasbanca, where positively evaluated in 2015: the number of active clients increased by apr. 15% also the total Bank’s assets raised by apr. +28%. The credit portfolio registered favorable expansion by +13%, both for individuals and corporate clients. The deposits portfolio raised by +37% compare to the previous year. The general evolution of the efficiency indicators was ascendant. The net banking income increase by 51%, at the same time the expenses increase only by 15%. The Net profit raised by +126% compare to previous year (around 230 mil.lei), that lead to increase of the capital profitability.

In 2015, Mobiasbanca continued the optimization and extension of the branch network by opening of new branches and relocating or renovating of the branches in order to increase the customers comfort level.

With reference to Banks Priorities and orientation for 2016, it was mentioned that despite the pressure of unfavorable international economic climate and uncertainty in economic and political development of Moldova, the bank will continue to focus on commercial and operational efficiency program.

The vision and strategy for the coming years is based on "customer focus". This will be the reference point in terms of EXCELLENCE for each project, procedure or activity of the bank. The essence of bank’s comprehensive strategy boils down to a SMILE: Simple, Modern, Innovative, Loyal, Excellent.  

The Meeting approved the new nominal composition of the Supervisory Board, for a 4 year term, that includes the following persons: Didier Colin, Slaveyko Slaveykov, Wolfgang Lerke, Karine Destre-Bohn, Mihail Lisu, Rodica Hincu and Dominique Serres.

In the current year, the bank shareholders will receive dividends in the amount of 10.76 MDL per share, being in total 107.5  mil. MDL or 47% of the net profit. The value of the dividends increased by 3.5 times in comparison to the previous year. The General Meeting of the Shareholders decided that the profit remained after payment of the dividends to be registered to the “Undistributed Profit” account, for sustaining the Bank in the complex economic environment and enabling Mobiasbanca to pursue its growth.

The Executive of the Bank

Исполнительный орган Банка