Mobiasbanca – along with poorly sighted children at the beginning of the school year

02 Sep 2016

Because the beginning of the new school year means emotions, hopes, ambitious plans, Mobiasbanca employees decided to share this moment with pupils from the Boarding school for blind and poor sighted children, in Balti, encouraging them to reach new knowledge, to achieve success as expected, giving them gifts and sweeten the holiday.

Attending the event, Mr. Filip Kotora, Commercial Director Retail Banking, has addressed a congratulatory message, reminding to the children the statement of the French writer and philosopher Michel de Montaigne ”is nothing really in our own power except the will” and encouraging them to learn, and build daily the future, and to succeed, as they plan. 

To ensure better conditions of study in the new education year, our employees offered to the school a performant color printer, with high resolution and multiple sets of paper, in order to facilitate the education of poorly sighted children, being a very necessary teaching toll for institution. And because memories have taste, the children were offered sweets and juices.

Previously, Mobiasbanca offered financial support for editing books in Brialle language for blind children from "Special Boarding School for blind and poorly sighted children", Balti.

This charity is in line with Socially Responsible Policy of Mobiasbanca, aimed to improve the life conditions, healthy lifestyles and supporting people with disabilities.