Mobiasbanca invests in young talents

31 May 2016

In May of current year, Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale has signed a sponsorship agreement with accelerator of innovations and entrepreneurship - Dreamups Innovation Campus, an association of innovative young and future businessmen.

Dreamups Community is a fertile space that facilitates creativity, sharing experiences and creating new business ideas, a community where young entrepreneurs learn how to launch new companies.

This community is supported by mentors - businessmen who have succeeded in developing successful businesses and companies that support entrepreneurship and innovation development.

Ridha Tekaia, President of the Management  Board - CEO: ”We all assist to currently changing the paradigm of doing business, a revolution in technology and changes in major social classical model, in which seniors were at the helm of large business. We see young people to an increasing extent with innovative ideas who succeed in business. In a few years I wish we are proud to have contributed to many successful businesses developed in Moldova".

The President also mentioned that through its values – team spirit, innovation, responsibility and commitment, Mobiasbanca supports excellence in several areas and promotes quality in everything it does.

Sergiu Matei, Dreamups Community cofounder, noted: "Partnership with Mobiasbanca is more than a sponsorship, we share the same values and Mobiasbanca has shown interest in supporting young entrepreneurs. For us this partnership is an acknowledgment that what we do is important for our community and I would like to thank partners for their trust".

Mobiasbanca will support Dreamups Innovation community by mentoring, sharing experiences with young entrepreneurs and examine the possibility of financing the best business ideas with high potential for development and success.