Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale opens a new Training Centre and School Branch

18 Mar 2015

On March, 18 Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale announced the opening of the new training center, aimed at improving the number and quality of trainings offered to bank employees. The place includes also a school branch – an innovative concept for the banking system of the Republic of Moldova. The final aim of this project is to improve the quality of service offered to the customers of the bank, as one of the main targets of Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale is to increase clients’ satisfaction regarding its products and services.

Ridha Tekaia, president of Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale, mentioned during the opening event: “I am proud to announce that today Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale launches its new Training Centre. It is one of our great achievements, in line with the bank’s strategy of human resources development and corresponding to the Group’s aim to share to all subsidiaries the knowledge, skills, best practices and methods to fit international standards. Due to this new training facility, we will be able to deliver up to 68.000 training hour per year, which is more than twice as much as before (25.500 hours in 2013 and 28.500 hours in 2014). It will also allow us to develop our partnerships with educational institutions such as Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, ASEM and others, in line with the social responsibility policy of the bank and Societe Generale.”

The School Branch, part of the Training Center, is an absolute innovation for Republic of Moldova, especially for the banking system. It is identical to any other branch in the bank’s network and employees training here will be able to simulate real situations, encountered during a usual working day of a branch. The new training facility has 2 training rooms and one meeting room, with a total capacity of 70 people. Training rooms are equipped with all necessary instruments for all types of trainings and seminars – technical abilities, personal development, commercial efficiency, etc. Employees will be able to develop here their soft skills in order to become future managers of the bank. Last generation technical equipment is available and allows trainers to use all kind of materials.

Petru Delinschi, head of Human Resources, explains: “In this new School some global training objectives will be achieved: practicing in real situations, prompt evaluation of knowledge, learning to use necessary IT programs and banking equipment. The new employees will learn here all they need to know in order to offer to our customers the best quality of service, proving our position of a reference bank on the market, chosen by clients for the quality of products and services.”

The event was also attended by His Excellency, Pascale Vagogne, Ambassador of France in Moldova,Grigorii Belostecinic, rector of ASEM, Roman Kwiatkowski, representative of Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, Nicolae Dorin, vice-president of Bank Association of Moldova – all of them expressed their appreciation for the successful partnership with the bank and the intention to further develop them.