Access to external financing - explained in detail to young entrepreneurs

28 Oct 2016

Which are the steps to access the external finance, what actions should the young entrepreneurs take to meet eligibility criteria? These are just several topics discussed on 26 October at “Dreamups Meetup: How do I access external financing resources”

The answers to entrepreneurs’ questions from Dreamups Innovation Campus were given by Mobiasbanca - Groupe Societe Generale experts – Alexandra Lacusta and Svetlana Armasu, Global Transaction Services Department, who were engaged in an energetic discussion with entrepreneurs about International Financial Institutions (IFI) - Mobiasbanca’s partners; current international financing projects supported by IFI; benefits and advantages of financing from international projects; eligibility criteria; general conditions of financing etc. Also, bank specialists told about the success stories supported through international financial resources.

Acting with the persuasion that we need entrepreneurs with innovative potential to develop business projects, Mobiasbanca – Groupe Societe Generale has made a commitment to support young entrepreneurs through mentoring, counseling and financial support of businesses.