At Mobiasbanca you get an easy loan, with no collateral and worries!

19 Sep 2016

At Mobiasbanca your dreams come true and you enjoy new purchases without delay with loans with no collateral and worries.

Now, you can opt for consumer loans with accident insurance included, which will protect you and your loved ones of the care of rates in case of unforeseen circumstances.

In addition, only in the period 1 September to 31 October accessing any consumer credit along with a package of banking products is more advantageous than any other consumer credit. In the promotional period, you get loans without collateral up to 80 000 lei, with discount on interest up to 25%*, with zero commission for analyzing documentation package and granting credit, with extra 50% discount on annual credit card maintenance fee** and more secure than ever.

No matter what happens in life, Mobiasbanca is close to its customers, with safe loans, no collateral and worries,because it is #correct

* TO_TO loan for 80 000 lei, accident insurance included, with a fixed interest rate of 12% on 60 months, the annual percentage rate is 21.09%. And for a credit card NEOS for 30 000 MDL, with fixed interest rate of 14.25% in 24 months, considering that the credit is fully used, taking advantage of the grace period at the merchant, the annual percentage rate is 14.03% (calculations are approximate).

** The discount is offered for issuing MasterCard NEOS cards with a personalized design, MasterCard Chérie Chérie and VISA Classic for the first two years of use, until the first renewal of the card issued.