Data updating to the bank – from necessity to commercial opportunities

11 Apr 2019
Mobiasbanca is a trusted partner for its clients, appreciated for quality services and financial stability, by applying international standards for operating and risk management.
For us it is important getting to know you. Updating the data held by the bank is particularly necessary for a good relationship and gives the bank's customers new opportunities and commercial advantages, as well as the opportunity to benefit from personalized offers.
At the same time, updating the data is mandatory in accordance with the legal requirements regarding money laundering and terrorist financing; the bank have the social role of helping authorities fighting the shadow economy, both nationally and internationally, and must have actual and reliable data about its customers.
That is why we ask some questions to our clients, for example about: 
• financial situation, the source of the funds;
• types of bank operations expected to be performed in the Bank;
• estimate volume and frequency of transactions in / from bank’s account;
• if the family members or close business associates are politically exposed persons;
• tax residence in other states, including FATCA.
To avoid possible difficulties in accessing the bank's services or temporarily the operation of your account to be suspended, Mobiasbanca recommends completing the data review easily and quickly in Mobiasbanca branches or directly by e-mail to personal advisor.
At the same time, Mobiasbanca assures you that all provided information is treated confidentially, under the conditions provided by law.