Advantageous rates on any mortgage loan for YOUR ONE HOME, from Mobiasbanca

03 Jun 2019
At Mobiasbanca we believe that nowhere is better than home, a house one being the foundation of a happy family and a confident future. 
Take now any mortgage loan from Mobiasbanca with an advantageous rate and you get for FREE* an additional loan for refurbishment or house arrangement: without pledge, interest or commissions.  
Contracting a mortgage loan, you will benefit from:
Advantageous rate from 6%**
No currency risk (the credit is not subject to currency risk - the currency of the contracted credit is in the same currency with the income that provides the repayment of the loan (MDL/EUR/USD)
pre-approval of the mortgage loan, valid 90 days, that gives you time to choose the right house and the safety that you will have the necessary financial resources to buy the house
And at the mortgage loan "PRIMA CASĂ" you have ESCROW for free.
In addition, Mobiasbanca Mortgage Center offers you:
• counseling in the choice of house;
• support in relations with the authorities and preparation of all necessary documents.
The offer is valid until 31.08.2019
For more information about the promotion, consult the Campaign Rules, find out more details by contacting your personal advisor at Mobiasbanca, or call Call Center, available 24/7, at 022 256-456.
Visit the nearest branch of Mobiasbanca, take a mortgage loan now and realize your dream of having your own home!

The bank alerts the consumer to the responsibility for repayment of the credit.

* Credit TO_TO up to 30 000 MDL with fixed interest rate of 0%, for 24 months, with a monthly administration fee of 0% of the amount, the annual effective interest rate constitutes 0%.
** For a mortgage loan amounting to EUR 20 000 per 120 months, with the interest rate of 6%, with commission of 1% and a monthly administration fee of 0.1% of the credit balance, the annual effective interest constitutes 7.69% (calculations are exemplified).