In attention of Mobiasbanca customers

09 Mar 2020
Dear customers,
Mobiasbanca – OTP Group SA is pleased to announce the opening of new correspondent accounts in CHF and GBP with two world leading banks: Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG, Switzerland and Lloyds Bank Plc., United Kingdom.
Credit Suisse Group is one of the world's largest financial services providers founded in 1856 with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.
Credit Suisse is the one of the largest bank in Switzerland. It has been recognized as the world's best private bank and is ranking as the top private bank and the best bank in Switzerland.
Lloyds Bank Plc is one of the UK’s leading retail and commercial banks, being classified as one of the top five largest banks and the most popular consumer banks in UK. It was founded in Birmingham in 1765.
Direct correspondent relationship of Mobiasbanca with these banks will facilitate CHF and GBP cross-border payments.
The complete updated list of bank details for making commercial payments can be accessed here or can be requested from the personal advisor.