To the attention of the Mobiasbanca customers

25 Mar 2020
Dear customers,
We inform you that, regarding the establishment of a state emergency at the national level, S.C. “Moldovagaz” allows, in the period of 20.03.2020 - 15.05.2020, the payment for the consumption of natural gas:
- Even in the absence of invoices on paper support;  
- In total amount indicated in the invoice, as well of the lower/higher amount, according to the request of consumer;
- Even with the invoices without the seal and signature of the responsible person from S.C. “Moldovagaz”, in case when the amount to be paid is lower/higher that the amount indicated in the invoice.
Also, invoices for consumed natural gas can also be paid through the website 
Thank you for your cooperation and take care of your health!
Mobiasbanca - OTP Group team