For the attention of shareholders Mobiasbanca - OTP Group

01 Jun 2020
Dear shareholder!
Mobiasbanca – OTP Group S.A. informs, according to the Decision of the Supervisory Board from 27th of May 2020, about the convocation of the ordinary Annual General Meeting of Shareholders which will take place by correspondence on 03rd of July 2020, 16:00, at mun. Chişinău, 81/A Ştefan cel Mare si Sfant Av., head office of the bank, of. 319.
The agenda:
1. Report of the Supervisory Board about the results of its activity in 2019
2. Report of the Executive Body about Bank’s activity results in 2019 (including financial statements)
3. Election of nominal composition of the Supervisory Board
4. Approval of external audit organization and establishing the remuneration quantum for its services for 2020
5. Distribution of Bank benefit for 2019
6. Approval of the Regulation regarding the General Meeting of Bank’s Shareholders and the way of providing the access of shareholders to the information of the Bank.
The list of shareholders who has the right to take part at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be done according to the situation of 29th of May 2020. Amendments to the list of bank’s shareholders who have the right to participate at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders may be introduced until June 30, 2020.
The shareholders can familiarize themselves with materials of the agenda for the General Meeting of Shareholders beginning with 23rd of June 2020, via dedicated page of shareholders on the Bank’s website:
Participation at Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be expressed by filling in and sending the Voting Paper to the Bank , shall be submitted by one of the following methods: 
1. can be signed by the shareholder personally at the head office of the bank in the presence of the members of counting commission. 
2. sent by post and certified by notary or by the administration from the working place, from studying institution or living place of the shareholder, and for the retired - by the social assistance body from the living place. 
3. by e-mail:, by uploading it together with the following documents:
  • the Identity Card, for individuals, 
  • Extract from the State Registry of legal entities indicating the name of the administrator, for legal entities,
  • The power of attorney performed and issued in the way established by legislation, in the case in which the  voting paper was signed by a person empowered by proxy, for both individuals and legal entities.
4. can be sent via dedicated page of shareholders on the Bank’s website, by uploading it.
The deadline for presenting the voting paper to the Bank is 03rd of July 2020, 16:00.
The results of voting by correspondence will be brought to the shareholders acknowledgement by publication until 12th of July 2020 of a communicate in Official Monitor of RM, “Capital Market” newspaper and Bank’s website.
Additional information you can get at phones no:  022 812 431; 022 812 438
Executive Committee of the bank