The Banks’ Association of Moldova has issued awards to some staff members of Mobiasbanca - OTP Group

04 Jun 2020
On the Professional Bank Officer’s day the Bank’s Association of Moldova (BAM) comes with special greetings for the entire team of Mobiasbanca – OTP Group and distinctions for some of our colleagues.
So, the supreme distinction – the Honorific Medal „Meritul Bancar” is awarded to Nadejda STRATENCO, director of Branch no. 5 ”Rîşcani” for the special merits in the development and promotion of the banking system of the Republic of Moldova. 
The following team members have been decorated with Diplomas of Honor for their remarkable activity in the banking system, career and professional achievements:
Nina DOAGA, director of Branch no. 34 ”Calea Basarabiei”
Eugenia GHIRBA, chief of Remuneration, Salary, Budget and Social Benefits Section (HR) 
Tatiana NOVICOV, chief of Corporate Governance Section (GOV) 
Ion NEGRU, chief of Logistics Service (LOG)
Sergiu VÎRȚAN, senior analyst and programmer (DTI) 
We are proud of our dedicated team, our mutual trust and ability to face challenges together in the exercise of banker’s profession.
The professional banker’s day and the anniversary of National Bank of Moldova have been declared on 4th June 1991 by the President of the Republic of Moldova, the respective decision served as basis for the formation of the country’s banking system.
Mobiasbanca - OTP Group wishes you success in your professional activity, as well as good health and new brilliant achievements!