Become our customer wherever you are. Open a bank account for your business online!

14 Apr 2020
At Mobiasbanca – OTP Group we know that you have no time to waste while running your business!
This is what motivated us to simplify even more the process of establishing relationships with our new clients - legal entities!
Now, you can become a Mobiasbanca customer remotely, online, with no costs and no time wasted on the road or in queues at the counters! 
Mobiasbanca gives you the autonomy and freedom you need, whether you’re in the office or whether you run your business while you #stayinghome!
Become a Mobiasbanca – OTP Group customer and open your company’s accounts, remotely, in 3 easy steps:
1. Download the bank forms and the list of related documents according to the organizational form of the legal entity;
2. Fill in the downloaded forms electronically and prepare the necessary documents, according to the list;
3. Apply the electronic signature (the signature – authorized by Tax Authority) on each form and copy of document, and send them to the email address:
Moreover, for full and real-time account management, Mobiasbanca offers you the unique possibility and remote access to the Business Internet Banking service.
Enjoy full service functionality free, for 3 months, as well as other transactional facilities!
Our bank will inform you about the process of opening accounts and joining the Internet Business Banking service by phone and email. In order to prosper your business, after the cancellation of the national state of emergency, we are waiting for you at the bank to strengthen our partnership.
For more details, we encourage you to contact to the Support Service at (+373) 22 812 555.
In order to protect people’s health and prevent spreading the infection, Mobiasbanca – OTP Group recommends to all customers to avoid traveling to the bank’s offices and follow the rules provided by  the  state of emergency!
Mobiasbanca – OTP Group team