The first 5 winners who will benefit a City Break from Mobiasbanca, were named!

15 May 2019
The first extraction in the campaign raffle "Make your ideas with a simple and fast credit from Mobiasbanca!" has brought the luck to the first five clients of Mobiasbanca, who took the special offer on consumer loans. Those the lucky five will receive a tourist voucher worth to 500 euros each, with the possibility to benefit from a City Break in the destination that they can choose at their own wish:
1. Ureche Serghei, branch Nr.1 Stejaur
2. Scripnic Andrei, branch Nr.3 Ciocana
3. Salari Tatiana, branch Nr.27 Miorita
4. Lazari Cristina, branch Nr.2 Icam
5. Brudaru Galina, branch Nr.12 Edinet
The Mobiasbanca team congratulates the winners of the promotion, wishing them a beautiful holiday!
Please be informed that until 30 September 2019, any Mobiasbanca client, a individual or legal person who receives a loan without pledge, only on the basis of the ID card and with a maximum of one day's approval, automatically participates in the promotional raffle that offers 20 City Breaks.
Find out more information about promotional credits by going to the official page and the campaign rules, by contacting your personal advisor from Mobiasbanca, calling the Contactell service, available 24/7, at 022 256-456, or visiting the nearest Mobiasbanca branch.
Take advantages of Mobiasbanca consumer credit and realize your ideas simple and in short time!