A free credit - gift from Mobiasbanca for a family in Falesti

16 Jan 2019
The sixth winner of the unsecured loans campaign “The best gifts are those offered at the right time!” became Tatiana Lungu from the town Falesti, who have had the luck to receive a free credit, with 0% interest rate and 0% commissions.
Lungu Tatiana, the Falesti Branch client: "Firstly, I am happy that I got a credit from Mobiasbanca with advantageous interest rate, but I am more than happy winning in the promotional raffle and get canceled the credit interest rate on credit and commissions related. For our family, it was a very nice for winter holidays".
Apply for a credit for personal needs up to 200.000 lei until February 9, 2019, and you have the chance to benefit from this credit without paying interest and commissions. For details, go to the Campaign Regulation and call the Contactell service, available 24/7, at 022 256-456.