Go to the UEFA Champions League Final Madrid 2019 with Mastercard and Mobiasbanca!

19 Mar 2019
This spring comes with nice weather and many surprises from Mobiasbanca and Mastercard, for all Mastercard® bank card holders, except Maestro® cards.
Between March 18 and April 21, each purchase or payment of services with Mastercard®, except Maestro® cards made online or at  merchants in the Republic of Moldova, amounting more than 50 lei in a single cashier’s check, registers you automatically in  the raffle of the promotional campaign "From the Ball Start Invaluable Stories", organized by Mastercard.
One of the luckiest users of Mastercard cards will have the chance to win a trip to the most important football event of the year - the UEFA Champions League Final Madrid 2019!
The trip to Madrid, Spain, is offered for two persons, for three days, between May 31 and June 2, 2019, during the Champions League UEFA Champions League match, with several benefits included.
More payments with a Mobiasbancastercard® Card from Mobiasbanca - more chances of winning! For more information about the promotion, read the Campaign Rules or http://www.mastercard.md
If you already do not have a Mastercard® card, you can always request one at the nearest Mobiasbanca branch and benefit from advantageous offers.
For appointments to your personal adviser Mobiasbanca, call the Contactell service, available 24/7 to phone number 022 256-456.
Be where the history of football is created!