At Mobiasbanca – OTP Group we teach children to manage correctly money

08 Nov 2019
On the occasion of the World Savings Day, a group of the 2nd and the 4th form pupils of the Lyceum „Vasile Vasilache” and the private lyceum  ”Da Vinci”  visited us on November 07,  within the project called the „Way of Money”.
Children found out many curiosities about the role and the value of money, how do they reach Mobiasbanca – OTP Group and further in the real economy.
The first destination was the collection service where children get acquainted with the whole process on collecting, counting and storing money in the Bank treasury.  
Further they explored the activity of a branch, discussed with the Management Board of Mobiasbanca and they were addressed a challenge within a workshop and to draw how they see the „Way of Money”. 
The children were excited about the way a Bank works, how are money managed, which are the banking products and other financial curiosities. They said with one voice that starting with this day they would know making correct decisions in managing their own money.   
Mrs. Stela Ciobanu, General Secretary of Mobiasbanca said to children that ”It is important for them to know from the very early age how managing better money, what is their value and how money are earned by hard-working. That is why our bank will invest in the financial education of children and young persons by launching some interesting programs on saving and managing money”. 
We mention that the „Way of Money” is the event organized within the financial education project „Learn! Give Sense to Money” launched in March, 2019 by the National Bank of Moldova and Expert-Grup.