Mobiasbanca employees redirect 2% of income tax to NGOs

16 Apr 2019
"Because we care" - this is the motto of Mobiasbanca employees, who are supporting social causes and every year take the opportunity to redirect 2% of the income tax to non-governmental associations that are involved in community development and caring disadvantaged people.
Each taxpayer can redirect 2% of their income tax from 2018 year to any non-governmental organization from this list.     
The resulting amount is not a sponsorship or donation, this being a part of the income tax already transferred to the state budget, but which can be directed for a specific social purpose, by citizens decision.
To redirect 2% of 2018 income tax, you need to follow the steps below:
• Refer to any territorial subdivision of the State Tax Service only with the identity card;
• Request the prefilled declaration;
• Fill in section 6, the M2 field of the declaration with the IDNO for the organization you want to become a charity ambassador.
Redirecting income tax may be made until April 30, 2019.